Creative Minds, Inc. can work with and for you to help produce a new website or assist you in updating an existing website. Whether it is designing an original concept, developing a preconceived idea, or performing maintenance on your existing site, we offer a variety of services.

Some clients desire an original concept. To meet your needs, we go through the website design process which involves several phone conversations or in-person meetings and countless correspondences through e-mail. We take the criteria for your site and create a look, flow, and feel that will be unique to you.

Developing your website from a pre-produced template or design requires less time, but more work from you on the front end. We will take the nature of your business and the message you want to convey and make suggestions on the site presentation that would be suit your needs.

Finally, site maintenance can be performed on sites we have developed. We can make changes to existing page content currently on your website to keep it fresh and up-to-date. We can tailor a retainer package to get you the right amount of service for the right price.



Years ago having a website was the newest and greatest thing to legitimize your business and presence online. Now it seems you have to have an app. With experience producing apps for iPhone and Android, Creative Minds, Inc. can help develop a solution for your business and establish your presence on the App Store.



Using PHP and a MySQL database, while more technologically advanced, is sometimes easier to use than just hard-coding an entire website. Creative Minds, Inc. can create scripts to make updating or modifying your website easy.



Whether it’s a small flyer to advertise your real estate project, a multi-page booklet for instructional purposes, or a large program-style piece for a sports season, Creative Minds, Inc. can produce your print project, big or small. If it needs to be printed, we can design it.

Additionally, clients should consider the totality of their image and branding when considering a printed piece. If you are in the market for a brochure, is it going to work with your logo and business cards? Does your website convey the same message. Complete image branding is essential to conveying the right message to your clients, so we pay special attention when it comes to designing the printed face of our clients.