The Campus Dining App

The Campus Dining App quickly and easily gets your dining service operation on the App Store and keeps you updated as your program evolves. Providing users with basic information about your Restaurants and C-Stores along with more detailed information like meal plan info, location maps, news and special events, this app takes the most trafficked parts of your website and places them right at your customers’ finger tips.

Current features include:

  • Restaurants
  • C-Stores
  • Off-Campus Partners
  • Social Media
  • Hours of Operation
  • Special Events
  • News
  • Meal Plan Information
  • Awards
  • Health Department Scores

Need something custom developed? We can add virtually any feature you need.

Data Updates.
Every time the app launches, it checks for updates to ensure that the data presented is current and accurate with the way your foodservice operation is functioning. When you update your hours of operation, the app reflects those changes without any additional steps.

App Updates.
The Campus Dining App will inevitably evolve with more features and more user-friendly appearances. When new features are available, an update will be issued to Apple’s App Store and to Google Play for all clients. End users will then update their app to obtain the new features.

The dining service will license The Campus Dining App so that the app may be offered as a “Free App” in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.