Taste of Nashville

Created for Vanderbilt Dining at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, the Taste of Nashville App brings off-campus dining to on-campus students. The program is designed to allow students to spend their Meal Plan dollars at restaurants near campus that participate in the Taste of Nashville program. This app helps Vanderbilt students know when and where their Meal Plan is accepted.

The app shows a list of all restaurants participating in the program. Additionally, the hours of operation are listed along with the cuisines served at each location. Users have the option to order online with participating restaurants in addition to discovering the restaurants’ locations on a map.

Data Updates.
Updates are made via the Vanderbilt Dining website and downloaded to a users’ devices when a user launches the app and is connected to the Internet.

As a custom-developed app, this app does not incur an annual license fee, rather just development costs. It is currently offered as a “Free App” in Apple’s App Store.