Scoremeister App

The Scoremeister app for iOS and Android is part of the Appmeister suite of products.

The scores section of the app features scores from the most recent event or the teams matched up for the next event. Additionally, users can search all past events and narrow the display to teams in certain categories (regions, divisions, classes, etc.). Denote games as “featured” and show sponsor logos next to certain matchups.

Toggle between different views: today’s event with all teams and score or a team’s seasonal history featuring every game played to date.

Accept score reports from users, and let Scoremeister determine when to push a score as “final” to the masses.

Favorite Teams
The Favorite Teams list lets the user flag certain teams to appear at the top of the list for easy viewing rather than searching through a long list of scores.

The teams list can be prepopulated in the Scoremeister control panel from a list or your NewsTicker system.

Bring video to your users quickly and easily on the video tab. Configure a menu inside your Scoremeister control panel featuring a live broadcast, full show segments, or pre-produced packages leading up to the main event. These videos live on your current website, and Scoremeister relays the content so you don’t have to do any extra work.

Score Reporting
Scoremeister makes it easy for viewers to submit digital score reports to the newsroom.

The Report tab within the app accommodates actual match-ups between all teams in the area. Set custom messaging and what days/time score reports will be accepted.

A series of checks also ensures that score reports are accurate and flags bogus submissions.

The client-side control panel updates automatically as scores are submitted so you can publish them to your website and retrieve them for broadcast on air.

Each tab within the app features a place for an advertisement. This ad can be sold as a universal ad, by tab, or by screen. This gives you the most flexibility when it comes to increasing revenues.