Nutrition Addition

Geared for the food industry, Nutrition Addition® offers online nutritional and food service utilities.

Targeting higher education, college and university dining programs, restaurants, bakeries, and the foodservice industry in general, Nutrition Addition® offers a variety of products.

The Recipe Analyzer answers the age-old question: how do I get the nutrient values for my foods? Providing an easy step-by-step process of adding ingredients and portion sizes to a recipe, the Recipe Analyzer can be licensed on a set-number or unlimited basis.

The Nutrition Calculator is a robust online utility that allows visitors to configure a “virtual meal.” Customers follow a series of intuitive steps before they are able to review the nutritional values of the meal created. They can adjust toppings/condiments and review ingredient and allergy/dietary concerns.

The Nutrition App takes the online Nutrition Calculator and brings it to your iOS and Android device. Users can review nutrition information for any food you serve as well as search for foods by name and/or matching certain nutritional ranges or dietary concerns.

The Nutrition Kiosk brings the Nutrition App to an iPad terminal you mount inside your unit. Complete with full-screen graphics and smooth animations, this kiosk lets users build a meal or search for foods at ease while also providing you with marketing options to promote your apps available for download.

The Food Planner is an accompaniment to the Nutrition Calculator allowing customers to keep track of the foods they consume from your concept restaurants as well as plan healthy meals into the future. Additionally, the Food Planner helps your customers store, review, compare, and average meals’ nutritional values over any period of time.

The Menu Manager, a comprehensive management system for both static and rotating menus, works with any cycle with some or no amount of regularity. Comes complete with a web component in a stand-alone website or the ability to embed inside of your website for smooth integration.

The Menus App brings menus to iOS and Android in a manner that is quick, intuitive, and easy to use and understand. Users can view any meal time today along with menus up to 3-4 weeks into the future. A smooth tray/drawer layout gives users the ability to quickly change restaurants, and menus are updated instantly.

Subscribers (i.e., food providers) to any Nutrition Addition® products have access to a set of extensive back-end tools to modify their utilities as often as needed and at their convenience.