Morningmeister App

The Morningmeister app for iOS and Android is part of the Appmeister suite of products.

Central to your station’s brand is news, and Morningmeister lets you put news headlines front-and-center for your viewer to read through each day. Presented in a clean, easy-to-read format, users can read more about a story by tapping the headline.

Simply provide Morningmeister with an RSS feed for your news category from your main news website, and you’re done. There’s nothing extra to do. You instantly have another platform to disseminate your content.

Local news has always out-performed cable and the networks when it comes to weather. And Morningmeister includes a weather module that is easy to access, easy to read, and easy to understand.

Provide Morningmeister with RSS feeds from your weather provider for current conditions, for hour-by-hour forecasts, and for long-range forecasts and weather information will be populated within the app 24/7/365.

Additional weather extras include linking to your weather blog and video forecasts.

Alarm Clock
Sure, every smart phone has a built-in alarm clock, but wouldn’t it be more fun for your viewers to wake up to your station’s morning team? Morningmeister can make that happen.

In addition to standard alarms and music beds, Morningmeister can accommodate special greetings from your morning team. Your station can use your own news music with anchor voice-over, your station’s image campaign song, or production music tracks you select.

Other Content
The appeal of Morningmeister from a maintenance perspective is how it does not need constant attention. Instead, configure the control panel initially and then add content to your main news website or to blogs, and Morningmeister will harvest this data from RSS feeds for you.

Morningmeister is configurable for a variety of content:

  • Traffic
  • Recipes
  • Gardening Tips
  • Entertainment Reviews
  • Arts & Culture
  • Show Summaries
  • Zoo Features
  • Exercise
  • And more

Morningmeister lets you sell ad placements on the splash screen at start up and inside the app, either universally or by section. This gives you the most flexibility when it comes to increasing revenues.

Additionally, a complete set of advertising tools allows you to create Advertisers, Campaigns, and Banners to connect to Zones. Campaigns can be scheduled and retina-style Banners are accepted.