Menus App

The Menus App brings your custom menus to the iPhone or iPod touch. Available for clients with the Nutrition Addition® Menu Manager, the app is downloaded in Apple’s App Store and installed on the user’s device. Then the user can browse the menus for any of the units installed in the client’s online Menu Manager.

Introductory features include three views: Menu view (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Restaurant selection, and Date selection. Users can view menus at any of your restaurants and at any mealtime for up to 6 months in advance.

Data Updates.
When you make updates to the Menu Manager control panel, your data is immediately published so that the Menus App has access to it on all users’ mobile devices. A Wi-Fi or data connection is required to function.

App Updates.
The Menus App will inevitably evolve with more features and more user-friendly appearances. When new features are available, an update will be issued to Apple’s App Store for all clients. End users will then update their app to obtain the new features.

The dining service licensing the online Menu Manager will be responsible for the fee for the Menus App so that the app may be offered as a “Free App” in Apple’s App Store.